Tazewell’s unincorporated communities: Mayfair, Cooper, and Crandall

By Jared Olar
Library assistant

As we near the completion of our series on Tazewell County’s unincorporated communities, this week we will review the Morton Township’s subdivision of Mayfair and the older unincorporated locales known as Cooper Station and Crandall Station.

Looking over recent plat maps of Morton Township, one will find that Mayfair is the township’s only residential community outside the village of Morton. Situated about a mile east of Morton on the north side of East Jackson Street (U.S. Route 150), Mayfair consists of 40 homes along four streets (Durant and Bryant running north-south, Fred and Grant running east-west).

This detail from the 1967 plat of Morton Township shows Mayfair Subdivision and the old train depot sites of Crandall Station and Cooper Station. Crandall no longer exists and Cooper, though still inhabited, also no longer appears on the map.

Old county plat books show that Mayfair was established at some point between 1955 and 1967. Long before Mayfair was laid out, however, a rural country schoolhouse (Morton Township Schoolhouse No. 8) was located just across the road. Township plat maps and county atlases show that schoolhouse in 1864 and 1873. By 1891, however, the schoolhouse had been relocated to the southwest corner of the intersection of Jackson Street and Washington Road, where it remained for a few more decades – the site is now a vacant lot.

This detail of an 1864 wall plat map of Tazewell County shows the areas of northeastern Morton Township, where Crandall Station in Section 10, Cooper Station in Sections 1 and 2, and the subdivision of Mayfair in Section 14 were later established.

The area of Morton Township where Cooper Station was later established at the Thomas Cooper farm in Sections 1 and 2 is shown at the top of this detail of an 1873 Morton Township plat map. Further south at the south border of Section 14, the area where Mayfair subdivision was later established is shown to have been owned in 1873 by William McCalla and J. Plum.

Other than Mayfair, the only other locales indicated as communities on old plat maps are Crandall Station and Cooper Station. Crandall no longer appears on plat maps, but older maps show that it was the site of a railroad station northeast of Morton in Section 10, at the spot where the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe line intersected with the Norfolk & Western line. There was never much to Crandall besides the railroad depot, which got its name because it was located on the land of a local farmer named C. R. Crandall. The depot is long gone, and the tracks of the former A. T. & S. F. railroad now stop at the former site of Crandall.

Further up the old A. T. & S. F. line, where the railroad used to cross from Morton Township into Washington Township, there was another depot known as Cooper Station, so called because it was established on the land of Joseph Cooper. The depot of Cooper Station first appears in the 1891 Tazewell County atlas, but even before the train station was built the site had long been the location of Morton Township Schoolhouse No. 6, as indicated on the 1864 and 1873 county plats.

Crandall Station and Cooper Station are both designated in this detail of the Morton Township plat map from the 1891 Tazewell County Atlas. These railroad depots were named for the farmers who owned the land where the depots were established.

Crandall is marked in this detail of the Morton Township plat map from the 1929 Tazewell County Atlas, but Cooper is not even though the depot, school, and homes were still there. By this time, the land where Mayfair would be established was owned by George Landes.

The 1929 Tazewell County atlas does not name Cooper Station, but shows the site as the location of a school, train depot, grain elevator, and a few residences. Today the intersection of Cooper and Washington roads is no longer the site of a train station (the tracks have been pulled up), and the school is long gone, but there are still grain elevators as well as Hicksgas Propane Sales & Service, the Roanoke Farmers Association, and a few homes.

Mayfair is shown in this detail of a 2017 plat map of Morton Township. The former location of Crandall can be seen at the railroad intersection in Section 10, but Crandall no longer appears on the map (nor does Cooper, the former site of which is outside this cropped map detail).

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